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Starting his speech by thanking the team and technical staff, Guidetti said, “What we have experienced this year was the most difficult summer for an athlete. The Turkish National Team may be the only team that has participated in all of them as national teams organizations since the beginning of the year. Maybe it will be from other teams, but the national teams participating in all the organizations. We are the only country in the world. For a team, for our players, it is very difficult to start a new tournament target, it is difficult to focus with a new excitement and motivation every time. They came from the European Championship camp very motivated from the first day until now and they give their 100% in training. We know it’s very difficult matches but we are ready as always and we are aware of what we can do. We played the last European Championship perfectly in front of our own audience and wore our silver medal around our neck. Our current goal is Serbia to play the rematch against the Serbs. We have a long way to go to come here. there are difficult matches. Team h As a goal, we are going to take the rematch in Serbia,” he said. “The lessons we learned in the Korea match will help us a lot in Paris.” Referring to the performance of the nationals in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Guidetti said, “He played a great Olympics, not in a single match, but throughout the Olympics, and every player He struggled and struggled for every point. Unfortunately, in every tournament, there is and will be a bad game played by every team. I wouldn’t say it was our worst day against Korea. Even on a day like this, we were so close to being beaten. Teams and their countries need to be in their Olympic stories. Korea has reached the semi-finals in two of the last 3 Olympics and entered the top four. Korea played the quarterfinals more than us and they knew the atmosphere. We started to write our own story. The lessons we learned from the Korea game will help us a lot in Paris. It is not a surprise that Naz is not with us, it was organized beforehand. Not in person, me and my team make changes in positions and moments that need change. There was no need for a change in the position Kübra played.” I would take it out. Currently, our team is a very young team, we have a lot of young players. We will continue to feature younger players in each tournament. Each team has its own facts. This is the reality of our team. We have a very correct organization and structuring. We use the power we have in the right way. When we look at other countries, our game system is different from them. There is a game order where our middle players are a little more integrated. It is more difficult for them to take action against us, as we play very differently from the others. As a coach, I don’t have to jump and run every day. Players have to do this. They prepare themselves for this every day and they are on the field for it. When we look at the European Championship calendar, there is a very long period. This gives us time to increase our aggressiveness. We will use this time to our advantage.”


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