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Sergen Yalçın, who was harshly criticized that he talked a lot about the referees, said, “I was talking about the referees a lot! What should we do, shouldn’t we? They are not played on the field … Let them take care of our penalties that were not given in the cup match and league match in Konya … Let everyone play the ball. ” It goes without saying much for a game that has already transferred to the Premier League. For a money-making player, the door of this club is always open. This place will be better for him too. Actually we are producing in the last matches but we cannot finish it. We’re missing very clear goals. Behaving a little comfortable, my players are in the final positions. Otherwise, we play very well. It was very important to win in the week our opponents won. I was talking a lot about the referees! What should we do not talk? Let the friends living in VAR drink tea and coffee, should we keep quiet? Let them not give penalties, steal, not go to VAR, then we will be eliminated from the cup and fall behind our competitors in the league … It won’t be like this! Anyway, a normal game is not played on the field … Let them take care of our penalties that were not given in the cup match and league match in Konya … Let everybody play the ball, The good player wins. I mentioned this VAR incident 15 weeks ago in the Alanya match … Referee friends, please be careful, they should not play with the fates of the teachers and the teams. Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Yalçın reminded that his opponents on the way to the championship passed this week without any losses and said: “Of course, we wanted to win. Ankara away is always difficult. When you look at the weather conditions, there was no second semi-favorable weather. We came by playing both cup and league two heavy competitions. Our players are a little tired. We play heavy games. They struggle a lot, naturally some performances change. We are happy when things go well. We need more hugs to our work. There are three teams in the target. An enjoyable struggle will put us in the coming weeks “Cenk Tosun, who also praised Cenk Tosun, who entered the game later and scored 2 goals,” said Cenk is a player with great importance. It came from the Premier League, the quality is clear. Today was a good day for him too. He crowned his return to his community with two goals. He will also help us in the upcoming period. There is a European Championship which is also important at the end of the season. We will try to prepare Cenk there as much as we can. “

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