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In Demir Grup Sivasspor, which will host Denmark representative Copenhagen tomorrow in the first match of the UEFA European Conference League play-off tour, coach Rıza Çalımbay said that they will do everything to win. At the meeting, he stated that Copenhagen is a good team. Stating that they want to go advantageous to Denmark by getting a good result in their own field, Çalımbay said, “We finished the 4 matches we played before that very well. They were not easy teams. There were moments when we had difficulties. Especially “The match we played here with Dinamo Batumi lasted 120 minutes. Two days later we played a league match. Two days after this league match, we will play this match again.” Stressing that the game they will play at home will not be easy, Çalimbay said, “We have no other thought than to win this match. We definitely need to score a goal here without conceding a goal. We don’t have any other ideas,” he said. Stating that Copenhagen is a team that constantly participates in European cups, Çalımbay said: “It is a team that is very good in its own country. In fact, it gave its best player to Galatasaray in the past days. We will have a very difficult time. It will be a game. The team against us is a very disciplined team. A strong team that never breaks the game discipline and fights hard. We took every precaution accordingly. We have to play accordingly. We watched and watched the Copenhagen team, made their analysis. According to him, too. We will do our tactic. We will play our football according to our own thinking. whether inside, win. We do not think of anything else. Our goal in this match will be the same thing. But a tough match is waiting for us, we are aware of that. I wholeheartedly believe in my team. I firmly believe that we will have a lot of good things to come. Tomorrow’s game is like a final for us. Everyone is aware of that. I hope we will finish this well.” “It will be a very good match, which will be competitive and fierce.” When a journalist asked about “the prominent features of the opponent and the measures they took against it”, Çalımbay said, “Copenhagen is a team with a very good game discipline. Like the English teams, they have very good wings and midfield. The Copenhagen team is dangerous in every way. We have to play without leaving anything to chance. It’s a good team, but we’re also a good team. Our only problem is that we should not be missing as a team. Other than that we have no problems. But there is a fatigue in the team. We don’t need to hide it. If we want to continue on the European road, we have to cross this place. After passing each round, a stronger team comes in front of you. Tomorrow here will be a very good match, which will be a fighter and a smash. “Leke James, the forward of Sivasspor, said, “We will do everything we can in this match. We have made all the preparations for this. We are ready for anything. We also know the instructions of our teacher. We know what to do on the field. I hope it will be a very good match.”


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