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Taliban, which took control of 31 out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan, announced that after they started to enter the capital Kabul, they would not use force in the city and the people would not be harmed. In a statement later on, the Taliban stated that they wanted to take over the administration peacefully and stated that they met with Afghan government officials at the Presidential Palace.

It has been learned that a delegation of the Afghan government, including the Chairman of the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, will meet with the leaders of the Taliban in Doha, the capital of Qatar. At the meeting, Afghan representatives and Taliban leaders are expected to evaluate the process of power change. On the other hand, according to the statement made by local sources, US officials will also attend the talks in Doha.


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Announcing that they have entered Kabul from all directions, the Taliban stated that anyone who wants to leave the city can provide safe passage and called for women to pass into protected areas. In a statement made by the representatives of the Taliban, it was stated that women’s rights would be respected and women would be allowed to receive education. The Taliban noted that contrary to previous practices, women would be allowed to travel alone, work and wear a headscarf.

It was announced that former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Ahmed Jalali will head the transitional government led by the Taliban

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